Transforming Lives, Transforming the World

Writing about nonprofit organizations, including churches, the famous management theorist Peter Drucker said, “The nonprofit organization exists to bring about a change in individuals and in society.”  What is the change your church seeks to bring about?  What difference does your congregation intend to make?  In whose lives and to what end?  Answers to these questions bring clarity to your mission.

How did your life change when you became a part of this church?  That’s a helpful question to ask of people when working with a congregation.  Their answers are always insightful and at times you may be moved to tears of joy.  Transformation is the language of spiritual engagement.  It expresses in ways of resurrection, rebirth, restoration, reconciliation, and renewal.  It’s the new thing that God is doing.

The central premise of this site is that ministry excellence nurtures the engagement of congregants in spiritual practices that transform lives; theirs and others.  Congregational engagement has been described as more than increased involvement in a church; it is an increased sense of belonging.  Psychologist Brene’ Brown describes engagement as wholeheartedness; it’s about being all in.  Ultimately, congregational engagement is individual ownership of the church’s mission.

Each congregation must clarify its own mission and determine its own approach to congregational engagement.   Here is a framework around three categories of spiritual practices that can support such a journey:  Welcome Home – Practices of Generous Hospitality; Growing in Faith – Practices of Spiritual Growth; and Leading with Love – Practices of Servant Leadership.




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