Vibrant churches are transformational.

People’s lives are changing for the better because of their church.  They are growing in their faith and giving of their best to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  Personal relationships in their faith community are strengthening them to be better neighbors and citizens. And that can transform the world!

Vibrant churches have a growing number of congregants with deep spiritual commitments and passionate personal participation in their mission and ministries. Our consulting and/or coaching can help support your quest for excellence in ministry.

Our consulting and coaching processes address the following areas:

  • Shaping a Culture of Spiritual Engagement in Your Church
  • Establishing Best Practices for Generous Hospitality
  • Establishing Best Practices for Spiritual Growth
  • Conducting a Congregational Strengths Assessment
  • Building Clear Mission & Shared Vision
  • Providing Strategic Direction through Planning and Action
  • Measuring Outcomes of Congregational Ministries
  • Supporting Governing Board Development

Consulting or coaching is customized to the specific size, culture, needs, and budget of your congregation. It can be done onsite or remotely by phone or online. If you have questions or desire information on consulting or coaching that can be helpful to you contact us:

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