Leaders will make the future of your church.

In three years of ministry, Jesus transformed the world. How?  He prepared his successors. Developing new leaders is the single most important path to transformational ministry. Yet, many church leaders fail to follow this example of Jesus. All too often, we are not growing leaders in our congregations.

But that can be different. You can shape a culture of replicating leaders in your church. Our consulting and/or coaching can help you chart a course of developing servant leaders in your congregation.

Our consulting and coaching processes address the following areas:

  • Shaping a Culture of Servant Leadership in Your Church
  • Establishing Best Practices for Leadership & Management
  • Implementing Strengths-Based Leadership Development
  • Equipping and Encouraging Volunteers for Ministry
  • Second-chair Leadership Development for Multi-staff Churches
  • Designing Church Staff Performance Management Systems
  • Conducting Leadership Excellence Assessment & Development for Pastors

Consulting or coaching is customized to the specific size, culture, needs, and budget of your congregation. It can be done onsite or remotely by phone or online. If you have questions or desire information on consulting or coaching that can be helpful to you contact us:  consulting@ministryexcellence.com

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