Congregations, like people, are individually unique.

Like fingerprints, each person’s DNA is unlike any other. Congregational culture is to churches what DNA is to people.

As DNA in a person can change over time, the culture of a congregation can evolve.  Lots of things can change in a congregation, but culture is persistent and evolves slowly. And over time, leaders shape evolving congregational culture.

Just as we can learn more about ourselves by exploring the similar DNA of our ancestors, we can learn more about our congregations by understanding the cultural similarities we share with other churches.

With a clear understanding of your congregation’s culture, information about the cultural similarities of other churches, and wise choices followed by intentional actions, you and other leaders in your congregation can shape the culture of your church for a brighter future.

Our consulting and coaching is centered on three key areas which are vital to church life and health: Leadership Excellence, Congregational Development, and Successful Stewardship. Rev. Don Eastman is available to you and your congregation as a consultant and/or coach in these three areas.  For more information on each of these three areas see the following pages.

Consulting or coaching is customized to the specific size, culture, needs, and budget of your congregation. It can be done onsite or remotely by phone or online. If you have questions or desire information on consulting or coaching that can be helpful to you contact us:



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