Nothing is more central to our faith than the act of giving.

The entire New Testament is rich with images of generous giving, sacrificial giving, systematic giving, proportional giving, faithful giving, and cheerful giving.

Many people think stewardship is all about the money given to their church. But successful stewardship is about so much more than money.  Successful stewardship is holistic. It’s about all that we are, all that we have, and all that we hope to become.

Successful stewardship is about shaping a culture of generosity over time. That takes years, not just months.  So, we have to take the long view.  Our consulting and/or coaching can help you start that journey.

Our consulting and coaching processes address the following areas:

  • Shaping a Culture of Generosity in your Church
  • Establishing Best Practices for Holistic Stewardship
  • Building a Stewardship Team
  • Implementing Seven Strategies for Successful Stewardship
  • Creating Planned/Legacy Giving Opportunities

Consulting or coaching is customized to the specific size, culture, needs, and budget of your congregation. It can be done onsite or remotely by phone or online. If you have questions or desire information on consulting or coaching that can be helpful to you contact us:

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