Less than one-third of church members are engaged in their congregations.

To be engaged in a congregation is more than simply being involved. It’s having a strong sense of belonging. It’s being wholehearted. It’s being all in. It’s feeling personal ownership of the church’s mission.

This is all about the spiritual engagement of your congregants.

  • It’s about the connection of newcomers with your congregation.
  • It’s about the spiritual growth of your congregants on their journey of faith.
  • It’s about the discovery and development of their God-given talents.
  • It’s about sharing their gifts and abilities to make a difference in the lives of others.
  • It’s about developing leaders in your congregation.

In short, it’s about being a vibrant congregation that’s a place to grow and a place to give.

Here’s the good news: Your church can increase the engagement of its congregants. That’s the focus of this website.

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