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“Don’t just conform to the culture of your world but let God transform you by the renewing of your mind.”
Romans 12:2

Grow Your Church from the Inside Out

Churches often have an open back door. As new people come into the church, others are leaving. The result is a plateau or decline in attendance. It’s true of many congregations. Yet, that can change. Churches grow when people grow. People grow when they are fully engaged. To be fully engaged is to be wholehearted. It’s to be “all in.”

What does it take for people in your congregation to be fully engaged? How can we learn and practice effective approaches to support healthy growth? That’s the focus of this website. We’re here to help.


Less than one-third of church members are engaged in their congregations. Your church can increase the engagement of its congregants. That’s the focus of this website.


It’s all about relationships! Here we focus on ways in which your church can nurture significant connections and enduring friendships through generous hospitality.


It’s very simple. Churches grow when people grow.
Here, you will find focus on ways to increase opportunities for the spiritual growth of your congregants.


Leaders will make the future of your church. The success of your ministry will rise or fall on leadership. The focus of this site will support the development of transformational leaders in your church.


Ministry excellence is not the attainment of perfection; it is the unrelenting pursuit of improving. Your church can grow toward greatness. Here, we focus on counting and measuring the things that matter most.


How do you need to change as a leader to support the healthy growth of your church? If the vision of your church includes growing in new ways, you can find support here by connecting with other leaders.

Our Mission

We support congregations in their work of transforming lives to transform the world.

Would you like to see more people deeply devoted to the mission and ministries of your church? Whatever the size of your congregation, wherever your church is located, and helpful to your distinctive ministry, you will find insight here on how to grow in excellence as a leader in your church.

Ministry excellence nurtures the engagement of congregants in spiritual practices that transform lives; theirs and others. On this site you will find information, inspiration, and resources that support your work to increase the spiritual engagement of people in your church.

Our Vision

We’re building a community of continuous learners passionately committed to the mission of their congregation.

It’s always nice to connect with others outside of your church who have similar roles in ministry. Often you discover many interests, experiences, and challenges that you have in common. It becomes an opportunity to exchange ideas, share resources, offer mutual encouragement, and explore new innovations.

Here, you’ll find networks that make such connections possible. Networks are organized for churches of various sizes. These networks are devoted to learning together and improving ministries for congregational engagement in your church.

Our Inspiration

Thanks for visiting Ministry Excellence. My inspiration for this site grows out of more than 50 years of service in transformational causes. Over that time I served as the pastor of a small congregation, in a management role with a nonprofit public health organization, as the senior pastor of a growing large congregation, and in a leadership role for a global transformational religious movement.

Over those years I’ve often observed the presence of transforming ministry in vital congregations. This experience has nurtured a passion for excellence in ministry and perspectives on healthy church growth. Ministry excellence leads to the spiritual engagement of our congregants. Spiritual engagement leads to transformed lives.

For more than 20 years, my ministry has been with multiple congregations as a teacher, consultant, and mentor with church leaders. One of my primary goals on this website is to connect with others who share this passion for ministry excellence as we continue to learn and grow together.

Again, thanks for being here. I pray for God’s abundant blessings in your ministry.

Rev. Don Eastman

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